Any version of Windows from Windows XP onwards will automatically detect and install a Microsoft remote as soon as you connect it. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. The key codes for the multimedia keys are also listed in http: Sorry this didn’t help. Click Check Your Remote , and then click Next.

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Posted 21 December – Byte 5 is used for the low byte and byte 6 is used for the high byte, though in most cases the high byte will be zero. Please try again shortly.

HP Media Center PCs – Troubleshooting the Remote Control and the IR Sensor (Windows XP)

When the computer resumes the same thing happens with the devices power being turned back on and the applications being told to start running again. Thanks guys, appreciate the help and ideas, have checked the device manager and made sure all power saving features for usb hubs are off, couldn’t find any power management issues infrarev to usb settings in the bios just enabled or disabledand have checked my power options in windows and made sure that selective usb sleep is off, strange behaviour when I open usbtree viewer, the hub that is the issue, regardless ifrared locationfrequently, shows red symbol on it and then goes beserk trying to connect Specifically with how windows handles it’s power state changes and notifications of the programs when this state changes.

Make sure that the front of the remote sensor is unobstructed, within a degree range, and is less than 26 feet 8 meters away. The 3rd place is in the device manager. With versions of Kodi from v Byte 4 determines what the eHome driver will do when the button is pressed.

Restart the PC, and then try the remote again. Retrieved from ” https: Please log in to reply. Other related support information.

If you have EG as one of the first things to run you will be less likely to have this problem. The normal keys have the “HID usage page” set to See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. From Official Kodi Wiki.

When I start up ehhome Windows 7-installation there run on the same computer, I can see that Windows 7 has recognised the device as the “Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver”, and here the driver is installed fine.

The details are rather involved, but there are various resources you can use that make it all very simple. Only the curious and determined need read further. Disconnect all devices that use a USB connection except to the receiver, keyboard, and mouse. EliteGamer has written a registry config file and associated keyboard.

Ehone will be very happy, if a person could tell me where I can find the correct driver to Windows XP, and tell me what ” “eHome Infrared Receiver” is!

EG itself is just a kind of input output device running in software on your PC. Make sure that the batteries for the remote control are installed correctly and charged.

If byte 4 is set to 04 then byte 5 contains modifiers like control, shift, infrard, etc and byte 6 contains the key code. We want to change the Power Profile Plan.

Uninstalling Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver – Microsoft Community

This page requires Javascript. You can use the remote to change the settings on these media players from across the room. The only reason for continuing with this article is if you want to customise the Microsoft remote to change the actions of any of the buttons or to make the Info and coloured buttons work.

The simplest way to use an eHome ihfrared with Kodi is to configure it to emulate a keyboard. The data has been reproduced here just in case Microsoft ever remove the link to the tranlate. The Emby forums are great but EG forums might be a little better in your case.

You can find a list of the codes in http: Channel down button on the universal remote.

The multimedia keys have key codes that can be greater than 0xFF so they need two bytes to represnt them.