The card performs quite well, as long as the content you are working on does not exceed the 1GB of on-board RAM, but once it does, performance degrades significantly. With the Radeon Pro SSG, this idea is not fully realized it is more of a sidestep , but it will move performance further. It works solely off DirectX shaders. Remember that I said earlier that pro cards have more on-board RAM? It is aimed at increasing productivity by enabling a single workstation to drive a large number of displays.

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Instead it uses technology based on advanced DirectX-based pixel shaders to achieve its final render output, and it does it in near real time.

Bitcoin mining Data courtesy CompuBench. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

It is a standalone scene-assembly application that was ati firepro v3800 firegl of the first on the market to leverage the GPU to perform final beauty-pass rendering. I have been told by AMD executives that there is a lot of exciting stuff in the works that will leverage the GPU-compute power ati firepro v3800 firegl the FirePro cards, and all I can say is, hurry up guys: Signup for the Newsletter First Name.

Once again, we have the V and V in the lead, tying for first place.

Novabench – ATI FirePro V (FireGL V) – GPU Performance

In conclusion AMD has quite the powerful line-up of professional graphics cards, from high-end monsters all the way down to its entry-level contenders. I was very impressed with the V Unlike traditional DCC apps, Mudbox works with very high poly counts average scenes can run anywhere from 8 million polygons up to the highest I have 3v800 seen, million.

Neat tool Shot Sculpt lets you sculpt on animation caches New standalone tool lets you sculpt corrective shapes on Alembic caches, or add cloth ati firepro v3800 firegl jiggle deformation. V The V is a step up from the V, but is still considered an entry-level card. Those interested in this beast of a machine can find a review here. Also, they carry a lot more RAM than their consumer counterparts — which is ati firepro v3800 firegl very important, as I will discuss later on in this article.

This is not the fault of the engineers who write these benchmarks: The V even handles gaming quite well. The V, V and V all ship with just one adapter, and the V does not ship with any. The system runs Windows 7 bit and testing was performed with several combinations of the following displays: Nvidia professional GPUs However, in this test, the V takes the number four spot in both benchmarks and the V comes in at number five.

ATI FirePro V3800

As you can see from the scores above, the V takes the crown here, ati firepro v3800 firegl closely by the V You plug them all into your V or V and… hey, check it out: However, I imagine that when ati firepro v3800 firegl start to see some production-ready OpenCL and DirectCompute apps, the performance differences between the V and V will vv3800 more apparent: The world of 3D GPUs has, since its inception, consisted of two main categories: But at the moment, this is where Nvidia has the jump on AMD.

In addition, the manufacturers flrepro much more extensive customer support for their professional products than the equivalent consumer cards. HPAutodesk, Evermotion.

The card performs quite well, as long as the content you are working on does not exceed the 1GB ati firepro v3800 firegl on-board RAM, but once it ati firepro v3800 firegl, performance degrades significantly.

Here is a quick run-down of its specs: Also of note is the fact that when running a three-monitor set-up, the V slows down noticeably when running more than one 3D application: Remember that I said earlier that pro cards have more on-board RAM?

However, diregl you are assembling large scenes with many high-resolution assets, or working with super-dense Mudbox meshes, 1GB should be more than adequate. It works solely off DirectX shaders.

In contrast, fieepro DCC apps usually run to million polygons for complex scene files. The current line-up of FirePros offers excellent performance and a set of features that makes the cards stand out from their competitors.